Soup & Salad

Our Salads are healthy fresh selection of greens, mixed vegetables and spectacular dressings and are a great way to start a meal. They also make a great pairing with our hearty flavorful soups.


Delightful small plates designed to stimulate the appetite and share an experience between friends


Soft dishes based around Italian rices cooked in broth until they reach a creamy consistency. Homemade fresh everyday.


Our house made pasta is a thing of beauty. Made fresh every day by the skilled artisans chefs or Romeo Cucina, we have no problem calling our pasta the best pasta in Orange County.


Our large plates range from comfortable to daring, classic to innovative… There is a little something for everyone in our entree menu.

Wood Fired Pizza

Our Savory pizzas are known for their crisp crusts and wood oven flavors; seasoned only with the freshest herbs, spices and seasonings, our pizzas always leave lasting impressions

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