Romeo Cucina offers a variety of original menu options for all diet types. Chef Antonio, Enzo, and Marisol prepare all items from scratch. Our family chefs communicate directly with you.  Also keep in mind Romeo Cucina ca be booked as a venue for max 100 guestsLarge Orders should be placed 2 days in advance. For Delivery minimum order of $400.   20% Delivery Fee.   Chafing dish rental and setup (please inquire). Please call during regular business hours for price quote or leave a brief message and one of our chefs will be in contact with you.

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Insalata Della Casa

Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and Red onion, house dressing

Small Tray  $40    Large Tray ​$80

Amante di Cesare

Romaine, spinach, our Cesare dressing

Small Tray  $45    Large Tray ​$90


Sfiziosi Tagliere

Romeo Charcuterie Board (meat & cheeses), caprese, prosciutto, soppressata calabrese, parmigiano, olives, seasonal fruit

Small Tray 6 people  $72    Large Tray 12 ​people  $144

Tagliere Vegetariano 

Caprese, parmigiano, olives, seasonal fruit

Small Tray 6 people  $62    Large Tray 12 ​people  $124

Grigliata Vegana

Eggplant, campari tomatoes,, shiitake mushrooms, roast bell peppers

Small Tray 6 people  $65    Large Tray 12 ​people  $130

Parmigiana di Melanzane 

Eggplant, parmesan, panko breaded wheels of eggplant, fried, and baked with parmesan and mozzarella cheese in spicy tomato sauce

Small Tray 12 wheels    $48        Large Tray 24 wheels    $130



Small Tray (Surcharge $10)  Large Tray (Surcharge $20)

Rigatoni Giulietta

Rigatoni pasta, in a unique romantic blend of very finely chopped mushrooms, spinach, pine-nuts and onions, with fresh tomato & mascarpone sauce

Small Tray $70   Large Tray   $140

Rigatoni Rustiche

Rigatoni Pasta in a homemade Romeo ragout of fresh tomato sauce, ground filet, earthy herbs & vegetables.

Small Tray $80   Large Tray   $160

Pennette Romeo

Small penne, grilled chicken breast, diced tomatoes, pine nuts, mushrooms, onion, basil, garlic & olive oil.

Small Tray $80   Large Tray   $160

Primavera Vegana (regular pasta optional)

Gluten free penne pasta, peperoncino, pine nuts, onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, mushroom, truffle oil.

Small Tray $70   Large Tray   $140

Pennette Pennello

Penne pasta with shrimp, scallops, asparagus, roast bell peppers, sautéed with garlic & extra virgin olive oil

Small Tray $90   Large Tray   $180


Housemade layers of pasta sheets, Romeo Bolognese, bechamel, mozzarella, and parmesan            

Small Tray   $90   Large Tray     $180 ORDER MUST BE PLACED 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE (freshly made by order)


Pollo al Tartufino

Grilled Double Chicken Breast, heirloom mushrooms & brown suace.

Small Tray 6 orders   $90      Large Tray 12 orders      $180

Salmone Al Prosecco 

Grilled salmon fillet, soffritto of carrots, celery, and onion, orange Prosecco sauce  

Small Tray 6 orders   MP     Large Tray 12 orders      MP


Choices: Garlic Roast Potatoes /  Romeo Broccoli   / Garlic Butter Spinach 

Small Tray  $36       Large Tray $72      

Homemade Daily Baked Bread

Italian Artisanal Bread          

Loaf  $6     Housemade Olive Spread Pint   $12    (Menu items & prices subject to changes)



Lady fingers dipped in espresso and marsala wine, layered with Cloud-Light mascarpone cream and Belgian chocolate

Small Tray 10 people     $50     Large Tray 20 people ​  $90


Classic Sicilian PastryLight flaky pastry shell filled with fresh sweetened Ricotta cheese and sprinkled with chocolate.  Small Tray 10 Cannoli  $40     Large Tray 20 Cannoli  $80